Theme: {CME-CPD Credit Available} - Examine the newest developments and studies in the field of food and nutrition.

Food Nutrition 2023

Food Nutrition 2023

The 31th  International Conference on "Food & Nutrition" is slated for October 04 – 05, 2023, in Frankfurt, Germany, and is open to all presenters, delegates, moderators, eager researchers, and exhibitors from around the world. "-  Examine the newest developments and studies in the field of food and nutrition  " is the conference's main theme.

The focus of FOOD NUTRITION 2023 will be on discussing the most recent findings in the fields of nutritional science, immunology and food allergies, food toxicology, food engineering and technology, human nutrition, foodomics and nutrigenomics, and food additives through keynote addresses, oral talks, poster presentations, and exhibitions.

Professors, deans, academic researchers, industrialists, nutritionists, dieticians, doctors, young scientists, students, delegates, health professionals in nutritionist, and talented understudy gatherings from universities and research labs are invited to participate in this conference as it serves as a global forum for sharing the most recent developments in the fields of food science, nutrition, and health.

We cordially invite you to join us at the Food and Nutrition  Conference, where you can expect to interact with academics from all around the world in a meaningful way. This conference will be one of the most successful and effective events in 2023 thanks to the generous reaction and active engagement from the Editorial Board Members of conference-related journals as well as from the scientists, researchers, and leaders in the field of Food & Nutrition . 

The Food and Nutrition  Conference includes topical keynote addresses, oral presentations, poster presentations, delegate perspectives, board lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. Come join us as we debate relevant topics and recent advancements in nutritional and food science over the course of two interesting days. By submitting your research papers, e-posters, and abstracts, we kindly invite you to take part in the event and have an impact on it. High calibre research presentations showcasing innovative and unpublished discoveries of conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in all areas of food science and nutritional research are also encouraged for presentation at the conference.

Why to Attend:

The best chance to talk to people from the food science associations, food biotechnology associations, food microbiology societies, and food science academicians is at this event. It primarily focuses on the impact and technologies of modern times on food science and technology and other fields related to food and nutritional sciences, as well as the introduction of new assessments and technologies and the efficiency of various regulatory programmes on food and nutrition. At this two-day event, 2023 gives lectures, shares expertise, connects with current promising researchers and eminent scientists, and gets their name out there.

Our goal is to unite the community and build a forum for the sharing of knowledge on new scientific discoveries, technical advancements, and the efficiency of various regulatory initiatives leading up to Food & Nutrition 2023. It offers a top-tier technical platform for exchanging ideas and information regarding cutting-edge research and discoveries, as well as for investigating new applications, technologies, and trends in the subject of food and nutrition.

Food Meetings in allied subjects like food microbiology, food sampling and nutritional science, food science, and food technology will be organised by the Food & Nutrition Conference in Frankfurt, Germany in 2023.


  • Creating the specialized network.
  • Making contacts to offer a means for scientific and industrial exchanges.
  • Boosting the scientific research with other scientific professionals in the country and through the world. Establishment the network between the university and other related industries.
  • Summarize the studies of Food and Nutrition Science
  • Discoursing the latest findings and accomplishments in Food Science & Technology and Nutrition Science.

Target Audience

  • Food technologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Food safety officers
  • Nutritionists
  • Public Health professionals
  • Dietician
  • Quality control officers
  • Quality assurance officers
  • Scientists
  • Product Recall and Development Specialists
  • Researchers
  • Biotechnologists
  • Industrialists
  • Food Engineers
  • Get your abstract published with DOI
  • Get Certified for your participation
  • Reduced Costs Affordability
  • Knock Down Geographical Barriers
  • Convenience from comfort of your own home or from work
  • They’re Archived: Ability to view events in the recording
  • Great resource for learning new career skills
  • Learn from the Pros
  • Global exposure to your research
  • Make new connections
  • Significant time saving
  • Increased engagement
  • Wider Reach
  • More Engaging
  • Position yourself as the expert
  • Get your abstracts published with unique DOI in International Journals
  • Get up to 50% discounts for publishing your entire article in our open access International Journals
  • Get Handbooks and conference kits
  • Get an access to the network with eminent personalities from worldwide.


Food & Nutrition 2023 provides the participants with different modes or ways to participate such as Delegate or Speaker under ACADEMIC / STUDENT / BUSINESS Category.

1.    Keynote speaker: 45-50 minutes
2.    Speaker (oral presentation): 25-30 minutes (only one person can present)
3.    Speaker (workshop): 45-50 minutes (more than 1 can present)
4.    Speaker (special session): 45-50 minutes (more than 1 can present)
5.    Speaker (symposium): more than 45 minutes (more than 1 can present)
6.    Delegate(only registration): will have access to all the sessions with all the benefits of registration
7.    Poster presenter:  can present a poster and enjoy the benefits of delegate
8.    Remote attendance:  can participate via video presentation or e-poster presentation
9.    Exhibitor: can exhibit his/her company’s products by booking exhibitor booths of different sizes
10.  Media partner
11.  Sponsor
12.  Collaborator

For more details about each mode, kindly contact:


Prestigious Award for Young Research’s at Food & Nutrition 2023 – “Examine the newest developments and studies in the field of food and nutrition

FOOD & NUTRITION 2023 developments are maintaining their momentum. Nutrition Conference program delves into strategic discussions.

FOOD & NUTRITION 2023 Young Scientist Awards.

FOOD & NUTRITION 2023 Committee is intended to honor prestigious award for talented Young researchers, scientists, Young Investigators, Post-Graduate students, Post-doctoral fellows, Trainees, Junior faculty in recognition of their outstanding contribution towards the conference theme. The Young Scientist Awards make every effort in providing a strong professional development opportunity for early career academicians by meeting experts to exchange and share their experiences on all aspects of. FOOD & NUTRITION

Young Research’s Awards at Food & Nutrition 2023  for the Nomination: Young Researcher Forum - Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation, only 25 presentations acceptable at the food & Nutrition 2023 young research forum. 


  • Young Scientist Award recongination certificate and memento to the winners.
  • Our conferences provide best Platform for your research through oral presentations.
  • Learn about career improvement with all the latest technologies by networking.
  • Young Scientists will get appropriate and timely information by this Forum.
  • Platform for collaboration among young researchers for better development.
  • Provide an opportunity for research interaction and established senior investigators across the globe in the field.
  • Share the ideas with both eminent researchers and mentors.
  • It’s a great privilege for young researchers to learn about the research areas for expanding their research knowledge. 


  • Young Investigators, Post-Graduate students, Post-doctoral fellows, Trainees, Junior faculty with a minimum of 5 years of research experience
  • Presentation must be into scientific sessions of the conference.
  • Each Young Researcher / Young Scientist can submit only one paper (as first author or co-author).
  • Age limit-Under 35yrs
  • All submissions must be in English.

Nutrition is essential for human life, wealth, and advancement throughout the full spectrum of existence. The secret to maintaining a supporting lifestyle is amazing money. A healthy lifestyle is prompted by nutrition. People all throughout the world have a strong simplistic inclination toward nutrition and health.

The size of the global nutritional analysis market is anticipated to be USD 5.4 billion in 2022 and USD 7.9 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 8.3% over the course of the forecast period. The market is heavily influenced by changing customer preferences, increasing health consciousness, the number of millennials, and an increase in additional consumer income. Key participants in the business are finding new opportunities as a result of the convergence of significant industry trends. The two main factors influencing the demand for nutritional analyses are changing lifestyles and the rising frequency of chronic diseases.

For more information about market analysis: Click here to :  Read More 

Our brand has successfully hosted the 21st International Conference on Food & Nutrition during July 25-26 2018, at Vancouver, Canada. The conference focused on the theme “Forum for Innovation in Food, Nutrition and Public Health”. The conference was successful in gathering eminent speakers from various reputed organizations and their paramount talks enlightened the gathering.

The pragmatic meet organized by us and  received generous response from the Editorial Board Members of Conference Series Journals as well as expertise from academia, talented researchers and young student community. Researchers and students who attended from different parts of the world made the conference one of the most successful events in 2018 from Conference Series LLC Ltd  Group. The conference was marked with the presence of renowned Speakers, Young Researchers, Students and Business Delegates driving the three day event into the path of success with thought provoking keynote and plenary presentations.

The scientific program paves a way to gather visionaries through the research talks and presentations and put forward many thought provoking strategies. Food & Nutrition 2018 will schedule and coordinate all meetings with our Editorial board members and other experts in the field of Food Safety, Food borne illness, Nutrition, Nutraceutical and nutrient Supplements, Dietician across the world.

Scientific session covered in the conference i.e. Food, Nutrition and Health, Food Science, Food Safety and Management, Beverages Processing, Food Microbiology, Food and Economy, Nutrition, Nutraceuticals and Nutrition Supplements, Clinical Nutrition, Malnutrition and Undernutrition, Dieticians and Nutritionists, Obesity, Public Health Research.

The proceedings of the conference were embarked with an Opening Ceremony followed by Special Sessions and a series of Lectures delivered by both Honourable Guests and members of the Keynote forum. The adepts who promulgated the theme with their exquisite talks were:

·         Sherry Strong, Founder of Sweet Freedom and Return to Food, Canada

·         Beiquan Mou, Agricultural Research Service, USA

·         Nurul Aman Sam, University of Massachusetts, USA

·         Patti Murphy Public Health Agency of Canada, Canada

·         Julia Riendeau, Public Health Agency of Canada, Canada

·         Myriam Abboud, Zayed University, UAE

·         Mirey Karavetian, Zayed University, UAE

·         Yiftach Vaknin, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel

We heartily congratulate the winners of the Poster Competition and appreciate all the participants who put their efforts in poster presentations and Young Researchers and sincerely wish them success in future endeavours.

We extend our heartiest thanks to all the Organizing Committee Members for their kind support rendered towards the success of Food & Nutrition-2018. At the same time we take the opportunity to thank all the speakers, delegates and participants for providing their valuable contribution and time for Food & Nutrition-2018.

Food & Nutrition-2018 Organizing Committee would like to thank the Moderator of the conference, Laura Raggio, Universidad de la República, Uruguay who contributed a lot for the smooth functioning of this event.

With the encouragement from the enormous feedback from the participants and supporters of Food & Nutrition-2018, Conference Series  is glad to announce “31th  International Conference on "Food & Nutrition" is slated for October 04 – 05, 2023, in Frankfurt, Germany, and is open to all presenters, delegates, moderators, eager researchers, and exhibitors from around the world. "-  Examine the newest developments and studies in the field of food and nutrition  " is the conference's main theme.

To share your views and research, please click here to register for the Conference.

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date October 04-05, 2023
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