Food Nutrition Organizing Committee

Raffaele Pilla

St. John of God Hospital – Fatebenefratelli, Benevento, Italy

Biography: Raffaele Pilla, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Doctor Europaeus, received his Master ReadMore...

Research Interest: ketone esters, Biochemistry

Abdeen Omer

Associate Professor
Energy Research Institute (ERI), UK

Biography: Dr. Abdeen Mustafa Omer (BSc, MSc, PhD) is an Associate Researcher at ReadMore...

Research Interest: Sustainable Development of Bioheat from Agriculture Wastes a ReadMore...

L.D Lina Rammal

Owner & Manager
Lina Rammal's Diet Center Owner & Manager

Biography: Dr. Lina Rammal has her 12 years expertise in clinical nutrition and d ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Nutrition

Farooq Anwar

University of Sargodha

Biography: Dr. Farooq Anwar, with PhD in Analytical Chemistry and two Post-Docs i ReadMore...

Research Interest: Chemistry

Michal Trevan

Dean Emeritus
University of Manitoba

Biography: Michael Trevan is an enthusiastic champion of agriculture and has serv ReadMore...

Research Interest: Agricultural and Food sciences.

Prof. Hanee M. Al- Dmoor

Al-Balqa Applied University

Biography: Dr. Hanee M. Al-Dmoor is a Professor of Food Science & Technology in t ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Hanee M. Al-Dmoor Reseach Interest include Food science ReadMore...

Randy Brown

Assistant Coach
National Basketball Association

Biography: Randy Brown reached the highest level in men's college basketball at t ReadMore...

Research Interest: Basketball and Sports Nutrition.

Kevin S. Murphy

University of Central Florida

Biography: Kevin S. Murphy earned his Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Human Res ReadMore...

Research Interest: He specializes in strategic management, human resources mana ReadMore...

Laura Frank

University of Washington

Biography: Laura Frank holds several academic degrees including a Bachelor of Sci ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nutrition, Public health research, Dietics, Food science and ReadMore...

Fahim Shaltout

Benha University

Biography: Fahim Shaltout is currently working as a Professor in the Department o ReadMore...

Research Interest: Veterinary medicine, Meat hygiene, Food safety, Food quality ReadMore...

SD Kulkarni

Former Project Director
ICAR - Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering (CIAE)

Biography: SD Kulkarni (Born in Nov. 1954) did his B.Tech (Agricultural Engineeri ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food science, Agriculture, Nutrition and Food packaging

Nikos E Mavroudis

Programme Leader Department of Applied Sciences (FoESA)
Northumbria University
United Kingdom

Biography: Nikos Mavroudis is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Food Scie ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Safety: Surface decontamination of intact agricultural ReadMore...

Nikos E Mavroudis

Programme Leader Department of Applied Sciences (FoESA)
Northumbria University
United Kingdom

Biography: Nikos Mavroudis is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Food Scie ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Safety: Surface decontamination of intact agricultural ReadMore...

Elliot T. Ryser

Michigan State University
United States

Biography: Dr. Elliot Ryser received his B.S. in Bacteriology, and his M.S. and P ReadMore...

Research Interest: Quantitative transfer of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonell ReadMore...

Carol Phillips

Professor and Deputy Dean 
The University of Northampton
United Kingdom

Biography: Professor Phillips is the Director of the Institute of Health and Well ReadMore...

Research Interest: Her present research portfolio focuses on natural anti-micro ReadMore...

Leon G.M. Gorris

University of Wageningen
The Netherlands

Biography: Dr. Leon Gorris is Director for Regulatory Affairs for Unilever, speci ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food safety management in food chains; Design of safe foods ReadMore...

Richard Fuchs

Principal Scientist
University of Greenwich
United Kingdom

Biography: Dr Richard Fuchs is a Principal Scientist and food safety specialist a ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Safety and Quality Management

Vivian Chi-Hua Wu

USDA-ARS Western Regional Research Center

Biography: Dr. Vivian C. H. Wu is Professor in the School of Food and Agriculture ReadMore...

Research Interest: Discovery of natural functional ingredients to control patho ReadMore...

Neela Badrie

Professor and Head of Department
The University of the West Indies
Trinidad and Tobago

Biography: Professor Neela Badrie is the former Head of the Department of Food Pr ReadMore...

Research Interest: Her areas of interests are in food microbiology, food proces ReadMore...

Osman Erkmen

University of Gaziantep

Biography: Osman Erkmen is professor of food microbiology in the Department of Fo ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Microbiology, Food Toxicology, Food Sanitation, and Gen ReadMore...

Asgar Ali Warsi

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)

Biography: Asgar Ali is a Professor of Postharvest Biotechnology and the Founding ReadMore...

Research Interest: Experiences span across knowledge of the physiology and bioc ReadMore...

DO Thi Hoa Vien

Associate Professor
Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST)

Biography: Do Thi Hoa Vien, working as an Associate Professor in the Department o ReadMore...

Research Interest: Natural bioactive compounds and their applications in pharma ReadMore...

Stoyanka R. Stoitsova

Associate Professor
StephanAngeloff Institute of Microbiology

Biography: Dr Stoyanka R. Stoitsova is Associate Professor at the Stephan Angelof ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cell biology of microorganisms, structure-function relations ReadMore...

Manpreet Singh

Associate Professor
Purdue University
United States

Biography: Manpreet Singh is associate professor and extension food safety specia ReadMore...

Research Interest: Manpreet’s research interests include pre- and post-harves ReadMore...

Slavica Vesković Moračanin

Senior Research Associate
Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology

Biography: During the past 20 years of the laboratory work in the Institute of M ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food safety, technological microbiology, protective cultures ReadMore...

Abdel Moneim El-Hadi Sulieman Hamad

University of Hail
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Biography: Prof. Dr. Abdel Moneim has been awarded his PhD in the field of Food S ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Science and Technology, Food Microbiology

Tejpal Dhewa

Assistant Professor
Central University of Haryana

Biography: Dr. Tejpal Dhewa, currently working as Assistant Professor in the Depa ReadMore...

Research Interest: Probiotics (gut microbiology) and multidrug resistance among ReadMore...

Dragoslava Radin

University of Belgrade


Research Interest: Ecology, Food and Nutrition, Food Microbiology, and Food Sci ReadMore...

Rosane Freitas Schwan

Federal University of Lavras (UFLA)


Research Interest: Microbiology of fermentations; Microbial enzymes, Fermented ReadMore...

Melese Abate Reta

Senior Lecturer
Jigjiga University

Biography: Melese Abate Reta had received his B.Sc. Degree in Applied Biology fro ReadMore...

Research Interest: Melese Abate Reta research interests include Food & Industri ReadMore...

Muhammad Riaz

Assistant Professor
Bahauddin Zakariya University

Biography: Dr. Muhammad Riaz is the Assistant Professor at the Institute of Food ReadMore...

Research Interest: His research interest is on the decontamination strategies o ReadMore...

Shalini Sehgal

Associate Professor
University of Delhi

Biography: At present, Dr. Shalini Sehgal is working as an Associate Professor i ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Safety,Food Microbiology and Food Chemistry

Gary D. Stoner


Biography: Gary Stoner has expertise in the fields of chemical carcinogenesis and ReadMore...

Research Interest: chemical carcinogenesis and cancer chemoprevention

Sima Hamadeh

Assistant Professor
and program Coordinator of Nutrition & Dietetics Sciences at Haigazian University

Biography: Sima Hamadeh is an Assistant Professor and program Coordinator of Nutr ReadMore...

Research Interest: Her interests lie in such areas as the dietary motivations a ReadMore...

Sima Hamadeh

Assistant Professor
and program Coordinator program Coordinator of Nutrition & Dietetics Sciences at Haigazian University Haigazian University

Biography: Sima Hamadeh is an Assistant Professor and program Coordinator of Nutr ReadMore...

Research Interest: Her interests lie in such areas as the dietary motivations a ReadMore...

Daniel Y. C Fung

Congress Chair for Food Technology- 2014
Professor of Food Science
Kansas State University
Tel: 785-532-1208
Fax: 785-532-5681

Biography: Daniel Y. C. Fung is an internationally known microbiologist in the fi ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Microbiology, Applied Microbiology and Rapid Methods, F ReadMore...

Ozlem Tokusoglu

Congress Co-Chair for Food Technology- 2014
Associate Professor
Department of Food Engineering
Celal Bayar University
Tel: 905-335-193574

Biography: Ozlem Tokuşoğlu has completed her Ph.D. at Ege University Engineerin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Chemistry & Quality Control & Novel Food Processing Tec ReadMore...

Gabriela Riscuta

Program Director
Nutritional Science Research Group
Division of Cancer Prevention
National Cancer Institute
Tel: 240-276-7118

Biography: Gabriela Riscuta MD, MS. CNS is a Program Director in the Nutritional ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Annette C. Bentley

American Celiac Society

Biography: Annette C. Bentley has obtained M.S. degree in Medical Education from ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food science, Nutritional deficiencies & disorders, Food sec ReadMore...

Claus Muss

International Research Group for Preventive Medicine (I-GAP)
Tel: +49 (0)821 511670

Biography: Claus Muss is a well known and frequent speaker at international confe ReadMore...

Research Interest: Preventive and nutritional medicine, Clinical biochemistry

Massimo Cecaro

National Councilor of Italian Medical Press Association

Biography: Massimo Cecaro was born in Macerata, Italy, in 1980. After completing ReadMore...

Research Interest: Medical and scientific communication, Risk analysis, Epidemi ReadMore...

Alison Burton Shepherd

Department of Primary and Intermediate
King’s College London
United Kingdom
Tel: 44 (0)20 7848 3613

Biography: Alison Burton- Shepherd is a queens nurse and tutor in nursing at Flor ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pre and post registration nursing with a specialism in nutri ReadMore...

Mirjana Menkovska

Leader of Department of Food Technology and Biotechnology
Tel./fax: +389 2 3065 120

Biography: Mirjana Menkovska is full Professor at the Department of Food Technolo ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food processing and technology, Product development,

Dilek Heperkan

Department of Food Engineering
Istanbul Technical University
Tel: 902-122-856041

Biography: Dilek Heperkan has completed her Ph.D. in 1986 from Egean University, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Engineering, Food Microbiology

Ian Watson

Senior Lecturer
Systems, Power and Energy Research Division
School of Engineering
University of Glasgow
United Kingdom
Tel: 440-141-330-5258

Biography: Ian Watson’s first degree was in applied physics, followed by a Ph.D ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Yongjae Lee

Head of Separation Science
Food Protein R&D Center
Texas A&M University
Tel: 979-845-2758

Biography: Yongjae Lee is a head of separation science at Food Protein R&D Center ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microbiology, Chemical engineering, Agricultural engineering ReadMore...

Tapan K. Basu

Executive Director
International College of Nutrition
University of Alberta
Tel: 780-492-3235
Fax: 780-492-4265

Biography: Tapan Basu, a native of India was born in Seharabazar a small town in ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biochemistry, Nutition

Syed S. H. Rizvi

Department of Food Science
Cornell University
Tel: 607-257-1170

Biography: Syed S H Rizvi is International Professor of Food Process Engineering ReadMore...

Research Interest: Bioseparation processes, Physical and engineering properties ReadMore...

Soraya L. Valles

Department of Physiology
University of Valencia
Tel: 963-864-646
Fax: 963-864-642

Biography: Soraya L. Valles graduated in Biological Science from the University o ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Milla Alves Baffi

Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
Tel: 55-343-218-2225.

Biography: Milla Alves Baffi Ph.D. in food microbiology, has been working on bioc ReadMore...

Research Interest: Bioprocesses and Fermentations, Microbial enzyme production ReadMore...

Devi Prasad Juvvadi

Agriculture Management Resource Group(AMRG)
Centre for Good Governance
Tel: 984-999-6099

Biography: Devi Prasad Juvvadi is Director (Agriculture Management) at Center for ReadMore...

Research Interest: Agriculture Governance; Agriculture Risk Management: Change ReadMore...

Ofero A. Caparino

Division Chief
Bio-Process Engineering Division
Tel: 63-932-861-6958

Biography: Ofero A. Caparino has completed his Ph.D. in Biological and Agricultur ReadMore...

Research Interest: Postharvest development mechanism, food engineering, Bioproc ReadMore...

A. Elango

Professor and Head
Department of Dairy Science

Biography: He is presently working as Professor and Head, Department of Dairy Sci ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Renata Dobrila Dintinjana

Internal Medicine
University of Rijeka

Biography: Renata Dobrila-Dintinjana is a Professor of Internal medicine and spec ReadMore...

Research Interest: Gastrointestinal Cancers, Supportive Cancer Care and nutriti ReadMore...

Tony N Mutukumira

Institute of Food Nutrition and Family Sciences
Massey University
New Zealand
Tel: 64-211-113-5609

Biography: Tony Mutukumira gained his Ph.D. at the Norwegian University of Life S ReadMore...

Research Interest: His research interests include food fermentations with speci ReadMore...

G. N. Elemo

Director General And Chief Executive
Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO)

Biography: Gloria Elemo is the current Director General/Chief Executive Officer o ReadMore...

Research Interest: Formulation and development of nutrient rich food beverage f ReadMore...

Kalpagam Polasa

Director In-charge
National Institute of Nutrition
Tel: +91-040-27197278
Fax: +91-040-27019074

Biography: Kalpagam Polasa has three decades of research experience with more tha ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food safety and hygiene, Nutrient drug interactions, Diet an ReadMore...

Ramesh Mittal

Deputy Director
National Institute of Agricultural Marketing
Tel: 982-921-0015

Biography: Ramesh Mittal, MBA, PGDBM, Ph.D. in Business Administration, is a depu ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Noureddine Benkeblia

Department of Life Science
The University of the West Indies
Tel: 876-970-6849
Fax: 876-702-4203

Biography: Noureddine Benkeblia has been working on food sciences and technologie ReadMore...

Research Interest: Postharvest physiology and biochemistry of horticultural cro ReadMore...

Ram Roshan Sharma

Senior Scientist
Division of Post Harvest Technology
Indian Agricultural Research Institute
Tel: 011-258-42155

Biography: After post graduation from IARI, New Delhi, he joined as Scientist the ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pre and post harvest management of fruits and vegetables, mi ReadMore...

Luca Rastrelli

Department of Food Chemistry
Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Salerno Italy
Tel: 39-089-969766
Fax: 39-089-969602

Biography: Luca Rastrelli is the full professor of food chemistry at the faculty ReadMore...

Research Interest: Chemical,nutritional and biological characterization of food ReadMore...

Rajiv K. Shah

Senior Technology Scientist
Abbott Nutrition


Research Interest:

Peter Orji Uvere

Senior Lecturer
Food Science and Technology
University of Nigeria

Biography: Peter Orji Uvere joined the University of Nigeria, Nsukka as a Lecture ReadMore...

Research Interest: